The tools used to make your audio beautiful:


Easily direct our session in real-time

Skype, ZOOM or Source-Connect Now

Convenient remote recording options

Source-Connect, ipDTL or ISDN Partner Studio


Miktek CV3 tube condenser mic

Michael Joly Customs NT-1A condenser mic


Universal Audio Apollo Twin audio interface

API Vision Channel Strip (UAD Unison)


TwistedWave, Audition & Logic Pro DAWs

Waves Renaissance, iZotope Nectar & Numerous UAD plugins


Let's collaborate on your next project.

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Shoot me an email at Adam@AdamLofbomm.com
Give me a call at +1 (312) 619-2174
Have a face-to-face chat via Skype (ID: lofbomm)
Live direct me via Source-Connect (ID: adamlofbomm)
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