About Adam Lofbomm

VO Vital Stats:

Professional Experience: 11+ years

Hours of Content Voiced: 10,000+

Client Countries: 17 (United States, Canada, England, Korea, Japan, China, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Philppines, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and India)

Voice description: Believable, Clear, Deep, Informative, Intelligent, Laid Back, Neighborly, Personable, Smooth, Trustworthy, Warm

When you're selecting the voice that will help your audience engage with your content, you just know it when you hear it.

Articulate, captivating, personal. Something just clicks, and you can feel all your hard work and all of the thousands of creative elements coming together. You can't help but smile.  

I want help you to feel that kind of deep satisfaction with every project you and your team produces. It's my mission to help bring your words and your ideas to life.


Let's collaborate on your next project.

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